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Spa & Yoga


Park Regis Yoga Retreat package:
This 6 to 10 days yoga retreat aims to escape from hectic life to gain spirituality and descend into our inner self. It rejuvenates us to achieve a new way of healthy living and lifestyle, yet reducing stress and anxiety.

Moreover, this program will help you to understand the importance of Yoga, breathing, and meditation into our daily life. It also enhances our blood flow and stimulates our immune system if we encounter any disease.

Beach Massage

Enjoy rejuvenating massage on the beach, in the warm tropical breeze while melting away any stress and tension. Relax in the open, fresh air, and listening to the sound of the waves makes you clean your thoughts. It is taking your mind on vacation, give you a sense of peace.

Designed and implemented by health care professionals, you have full confidence that your body will be well cared for and focused solely on enjoying comfort and relaxation.

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